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Expert with more than 40 years of skin care and perfecting this noble craft.

Tanners Experts.

More than 40 years of growing and treating skins.

With Vision of the Future

With state of the art technology and improved knowledge

We care about our environment

Separate the solid waste and treat the process water.

Excellent Human Resource

Personnel with a high degree of commitment and

                    Our history


Colombo Italiana de Curtidos ITALCUR LTDA, is a Colombian company created in the year 1,974 by Mr. Edgar Gils in the industrial town of Villapinzón, in Cundinamarca, initially in an area of ​​3,000 square meters and from its beginnings dedicated exclusively to Skins skin, today has an area above 15,000 square meters, has modern installations and technology in processes, machinery and equipment

Jose Manuel Gil

Jose Manuel Gil

General Leader

Edgar Manuel Gil

Edgar Manuel Gil

Business Leader